Coca-Cola Christmas advert 2022

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A heartwarming Christmas story

Coca-Cola Christmas advert 2022 was created by the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, and it is part of Coca-Cola‘s ongoing ‘Real Magic’ global brand platform.

Named “Just Like Mama Used to Make,” the new Coca-Cola holiday TVC tells the heartwarming story of how a son preserves the memory of his late mother by cooking a treasured family recipe and bringing his family and new generations together for moments of magic during the holidays.

Coca-Cola will launch a Christmas anthology series, “Christmas Always Finds Its Way,” the three short films telling unique stories of human connection and triumph over adversity to show that the festive season always brings people together.

This year’s holiday campaign is an expression of “Real Magic,” a global Coca-Cola brand platform and philosophy launched in 2021 to invite everyone everywhere to celebrate the magic of humanity by coming together and sharing experiences.

Coca-Cola Christmas advert 2022
Coca-Cola Christmas advert 2022: Just Like Mama Used to Make

The Coca-Cola Holiday Hub digital experience will include holiday mixing and food content; an interactive map of the Coca-Cola Caravan route; a one-of-a-kind Augmented Reality (AR) experience with Santa; Coke Store and Coca-Cola Freestyle promotions, and more. New elements and experiences for consumers will roll out throughout the holiday season on the Coca-Cola Holiday Hub(US).

Coca-Cola Christmas commercial conclusions:

The ad is well made and has a strong impact but below the level set by Coca-Cola in previous years.


  • The story is emotional.
  • The product is discreetly placed in the film.
  • The impact of the story is powerful.


  • The film is too short; I would have liked to see a more extended version.
  • The story has no direct connection with the product.



A heartwarming Christmas story.

Heart or Humor10.0
Reader Rating: ( 4 votes ) 9.4

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  1. Absolutely stunning! A vivid story in 30 seconds. Great casting, writing and directing. Wish there were a 1-minute version.

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