Cigna: TV Doctors of America

Cigna (NYSE: CI) today kicked off a new advertising campaign using an ensemble of familiar TV doctors to promote annual check-ups as a way to improve an individual’s health and encourage a dialogue with his or her health care provider. They’ve saved lives on TV, but now they’re helping save lives for real by teaming up with Cigna to encourage America to get an annual check-up.

Cigna unveiled a new advertising campaign using an ensemble of familiar TV doctors: Alan Alda (MASH’s Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce), Patrick Dempsey (Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd of Grey’s Anatomy), Donald Faison (Scrubs’ Christopher Turk), Noah Wyle (ER’s John Carter) and Lisa Edelstein (House’s Lisa Cuddy).

The tagline of the commercial is “We’ve saved hundreds of lives on TV. Now we’re helping to save lives for real.”

The TV doctors will appear in a multi-media platform including television, digital and social channels, and will use their star power to help influence consumers to go get their annual check-ups, know their key health numbers for blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and Body Mass Index (BMI), and take control of their health.

“Cigna is on a mission to get people to their health care provider for their annual check-up in a campaign we call ‘Go. Know. Take Control,’” said Stephen Cassell, Cigna global brand officer. “And we’re delivering the message in a fun and entertaining way to capture people’s attention and encourage positive behavior for better health.” Cassell added, “We’re informing consumers of new ways to help them understand the importance of the annual check-up while also emphasizing the need to know key health numbers.

Cigna’s goal is to help save 100,000 lives a year, the number of lives the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates would be saved if everyone received his or her recommended preventive care. According to the CDC, Americans use preventive services at only about half the recommended rate. The campaign encourages all consumers to get their annual check-up – which most health plans cover at 100 percent as part of a suite of preventive services.

Additionally, the campaign reminds consumers to know their BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar numbers, which are the main drivers of managing and reducing health care costs. Recent Cigna health studies show that understanding simple personal information about these four health numbers can help individuals save as much as $1,400 a year in out-of-pocket costs.

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