AT&T: The Unseen – extended version

The “It Can Wait” AT&T campaign was started six years ago. Now, AT&T unveiled a new commercial named The Unseen. The spot was created by advertising agency BBDO, New York.

You’re driving alone. You hear the ding of your smartphone. Do you grab it and look at the screen? The answer for more than 6-in-10 of us (64%) is yes.

Interestingly, the answer changes when we have company. In fact, the same research shows that only 36% of drivers look at their smartphone screens with passengers in the car. If you’re driving with a child in the car, only 30% look at their screens.

To learn why we make these choices, we look to behavioral economics, a fascinating field of social science research that examines why we do what we do.

While we may be alone in the car, we are of course, never alone on the road.

And while we may think we’re only endangering ourselves if we look at our smartphone screens behind the wheel, we’re actually putting everyone else on the road at risk. It’s time to recognize that our world is bigger than the inside of our car. Much bigger.

The AT&T new advertising campaign explores just that—our paradoxical behavior. The distracted driving is not only dangerous but wrong. Most everyone will admit it’s dangerous, but we must further open their eyes. It’s an inappropriate and selfish behavior.

You are never alone on the road.


I agree 100% with the "Distracted driving is never ok."

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