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Commonwealth//McCann creates a four-minute film as Chevrolet Christmas advert 2021. Directed by Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) the film is named “Holiday Ride,” and it unveils the “best Christmas gift I could ever have.”

Stories of love are always a holiday classic. And in this holiday film, it’s felt through the heartwarming and sometimes heart-wrenching memories of a classic 1966 Chevy Impala.

Holiday Ride Chevrolet
Based on actual events, we teamed up with Academy Award winners Tom Hooper (director), Claudio Miranda (director of photography) and Rachel Portman (composer) to tell the story of love, redemption, and restoration. Because the greatest gift anyone can ever give is joy. Happy Holidays.




Heart or Humor9.0
Reader Rating: ( 16 votes ) 8.4

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    1. As a 64 GM convertible owner paid for by my maternal grandmother and restored and used to give rides away from the nursing home for my paternal grandmother, I love this one. Kudos!!

  1. I just did this with my daughter’s car. I stored it for 20 years. I bought and rebuilt the car for her when she turned 16 and she drove it for four years. Yes, I stored it in the barn and yes I sometimes got in it and thought about her. Hauled to her house 350 miles away this summer. No, it wasn’t a Chevy but it was an American car, rebuilt by an American farmer for his daughter and now it is being rebuilt for her 15 year old son. No politics, just love and respect. Many people do things like this. We need far more of this on tv.

  2. This is the best commercial on all of tv. I cry everytime it comes on. The others I turn off. Thank you for making such a heartfelt commercial

  3. not only is the story moving, so are its questions. like how long it took to repair the impala, why did the wife die, how many years have passed since that death. why did the dog have such a strange name, how was the car removed from its owner’s pole barn so skilfully. weren’t the parked chevys overdone just a bit. but yes i shed tears, and recalled long past memories

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