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Back Market – Challenging Big Tech: Let Them Buy New

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Provocative Messaging

Back Market has launched a provocative campaign called “Let Them Buy New.” Developed in collaboration with Gus, an independent creative strategy company, the campaign aims to challenge Big Tech’s push for new products, advocating for refurbished devices as a more sustainable, affordable, and quality alternative. The campaign kicked off with a subversive stunt during Apple’s iPhone 15 keynote, teasing a mysterious “R” phone that was later revealed to be a refurbished iPhone.

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The Good

  1. Provocative Messaging: The campaign’s bold stance against Big Tech’s marketing strategies will capture attention and spark conversations.
  2. Timely Activation: Choosing Apple’s iPhone 15 keynote for the campaign’s launch was strategic, ensuring maximum visibility.
  3. Multi-Channel Approach: Utilizing outdoor ads, influencer partnerships, and “leak culture,” the campaign effectively reached a broad audience.

The Bad

  1. Risk of Backlash: Taking a direct jab at Big Tech, especially Apple, could risk alienating a segment of consumers loyal to these brands.
  2. Complexity: The campaign involves multiple elements—from teasers to influencer boxes—which could confuse the message if not executed well.
  3. Sustainability Question: While promoting refurbished devices, the campaign generated physical materials like locked boxes and outdoor ads, which could contradict its eco-friendly message.

Comparison with Competitors

  • Samsung’s Eco-Friendly Initiatives: Samsung has made strides in sustainability but still primarily markets new products.
  • Dell’s Recycling Programs: Dell has robust recycling programs but, like others, the focus remains on new product launches.
Back Market advert 2023 - A group challenging Big Tech holding up electronic devices.
Back Market advert 2023

Final Thoughts

Back Market’s “Let Them Buy New” campaign is a daring and innovative approach to challenge the tech industry’s focus on new products. While it has its risks, the campaign’s multi-layered strategy and timely launch make it a noteworthy effort in promoting a circular economy.



Let Them Buy New

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