Airbnb: We Accept

Created by advertising agency TBWA Chiat Day, “We Accept” Super Bowl commercial is part of Airbnb campaign to promote diversity and fight discrimination. Belinda Johnson, Airbnb’s Chief Business Affairs and Legal Officer, said: “When the history of Airbnb is written, I want us to reflect on 2016 as a turning point in our approach to achieving diversity within our own ranks and combating discrimination amongst ourselves and the users of our platform.”

The tagline is “We Accept.”

People don’t like political opinions in a brand campaign. There are comments to this commercial like this one: “Go take your propaganda somewhere else!” But there are also comments like this one: “I just watched it on the Super Bowl… it was the best commercial so far…”

We Accept

Heart or Humor
It is a good advert, but it is controversial because it is based on political opinions.
Category: Super Bowl, Travel

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