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Zalando: We Will Hug Again

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This holiday season, Zalando, Europe’s leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle, is celebrating the ultimate expression of human connection and solidarity: the hug. In this challenging year of uncertainty and separation, human connection feels more important than ever. The new holiday campaign, “We Will Hug Again” seeks to convey a feeling of optimism and hope for the future, when people across Europe and the world will be able to hug their loved ones again.

“The central idea of our holiday campaign, human connection, is echoed in the way we engage with our customers. Our strategy is to be social first, allowing us to connect and engage with consumers through relevant and relatable stories,” says Barbara Daliri, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing at Zalando. “It was important for us to address the exceptional circumstances and uncertainty of this holiday season and, at the same time, share the feeling of hope with our community.”

Veit Moeller, Anomaly Berlin Executive Creative Director, adds: “This simple but powerful campaign is a promise for our future. The goal was to peel off all those outer layers associated with the Holiday season and identify the rawest and most iconic symbol of human connection: the hug. Shooting a campaign around the globe, totally remotely, during a global pandemic has been a beautiful challenge and we are excited to bring Zalando’s message to the world.”

The film was shot across Nigeria, Vietnam, Italy, Mexico, Sweden and Germany by four directors, and beautifully curated by Haycock. Each film tells the story of one hug*, united by a coherent look and feel, enabling all films to be cut individually or together. Further adding to its moving nature, Frank Ocean’s ‘Godspeed’ is a track that embodies the feeling of human connection and togetherness.

Campaign Credits Zalando:
Campaign Management: Mona Herdener, Katharina Kämpfe, Amit Margalit
Account Management: Milena Steinke, Naomi Scholz, Mona Mohamed Adel, Leonie Knorr
Head of Creative Direction: Lydia Gries
Art Director: Andrei Khashan
Global Social Media: Natalie Wills, Marieke Nelemann, Alexandra Dröner

Campaign Credits Anomaly:
CEO & Partner: Simon Owen
Executive Creative Director: Veit Möller
Chief Strategy Officer: Amanda Feve
Business Director: David Barton
Account Director: Joanna Hirst
Project Manager: Elli Pfahler
Senior Producer: Katrin Kaiser
Strategist: Lennart Fleschhut
Creative Directors: Patrick Chambers & Delia Reyes
Copywriter: Omar Khairy

The hug


A beautiful challenge

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