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What is cubbing?

Cubbing is a cruel and barbaric form of hunting used to train the hounds to kill and get a taste for blood. The season officially starts on August 1st and runs until October.

The advertising agency Engine Creative creates a heart-touching film for Keep The Ban – a non-profit organization that campaigns against the hunting of wildlife for sport. The film is a TV sports show parody highlighting the cruelty of killing fox cubs for sport and revealing what cubbing is.

Every year thousands of fox cubs are ripped to pieces by hunts, and the public has no idea it goes on.

This heinous activity is known as ‘cubbing’ and is one of fox hunting’s dirtiest secrets. ‘Cubbing’, usually takes place between August and October, before the main fox hunting season, it’s something that has been going on for years, and it needs to be exposed. Most of the public has no idea about it, yet it’s arguably more disgusting, more barbaric, and more unethical on every level than fox hunting itself.

This is a static form of hunting and goes on at dusk, where you have hunters on horseback, surrounding wooded areas, sending hounds in, waiting for the fox cubs to be torn apart. This is all done to train the hounds to kill ready for the main hunting season.

Polling conducted by Survation on behalf of Keep The Ban in July 2022 found that almost 95% of respondents had no idea what cubbing was before being surveyed.

Cubbing is a cruel and barbaric form of hunting used to train the hounds to kill, and get a taste for blood.

Advertising Agency: Engine, London, UK
Chief Creative Officer: Billy Faithfull
Creative Director: Steve Hawthorne, Katy Hopkins
Creative: Doug Redfern, Joe Roberts
Designer: Aaron Pacey
Senior Influencer Strategist: Paul Lynch
Senior Strategist: Jack Cartwright
Account Management: Rich Williams
Agency Producer: Henry Davies
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks, Revolver Films
Executive Producer: Sam Chitty
Director: Glue Society
Producer: Adam Farley
Post-production: The Mill
Post-Producer: Kathryn Wigginton
Colourist: Maruf Kahn
Sound Design: String and Tins



Absolutely fantastic bit of work!

Heart or Humor10.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 9.7

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  1. Your shit is obviously fake. Juvenile foxes aren’t even called cubs. This is just BS made to get a reaction while knowing nothing about the hunting community. Garbage

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