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TurboTax, from Intuit (TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, Credit Karma, and Mailchimp), announced its new 2022 brand campaign, “You do your thing”.

Dog hoverboards, cookies with your face, new careers, crypto earnings, professional gaming, van life, and more. 2021 was quite the year, but as always, when you do your thing, we’ve got your taxes.

Created by the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, “You Do Your Thing” campaign highlights a crypto investor, gamer and self-employed musician, and an influencer and how their dedicated TurboTax Live expert has them covered. No matter how unique a person’s life is, TurboTax Live tax experts can handle the complexities. From living the nomadic van lifestyle to a pandemic-induced career change, experienced TurboTax Live experts are here to help filers get their biggest refund.

TurboTax - You Do Your Thing

TurboTax Live 2022 Commercial “You Do Your Thing” Video Transcript:

  • People think unusual circumstances, means complicated taxes, but for a TurboTax Live Expert like me, it just makes things interesting. So, give us everything you’ve got. The failed small business. The ambitious new startup. All of your dependents and dependent’s dependents. Throw in that pandemic-induced career change.
  • What if I’m in a state with no income tax but my survival videos are viewed in 38 countries?
  • I can help and if this is a business dinner, save those jerky receipts.
  • What if I’m a professional gamer with a ton of expenses?
  • If they help drive views. Let’s talk deductions.
  • What if Crypto took me to the moon and now I own this shop?
  • Congrats, I can handle your Crypto and business taxes for you.
  • Yes, give us your surprising inheritance, your odd injuries too, even your semi-nomadic life in a van. An interesting life can mean an even greater refund. You do your thing, we’ve got your taxes. Intuit TurboTax Live.




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