Think!: A Mate Doesn’t Let A Mate Drink Drive

Drink driving is a serious and ever prominent battle in our society. Tv campaigns that aim to fight this cause have frequently shocked and awed us throughout the past. Here we look at “A mate doesn’t let a mate drink drive”, the latest installation reminding us of the need to avoid this perilous crime. Take a look at our review of this TV commercial below and see if you agree with our scores.

Memorability – 8 / 10

Wonderfully funny and easily relatable, this impactful concept really encapsulates the desired message without needing crude scenes of violence or a detailed script. This comic approach really has a great chance of connecting more with youthful audiences and the “normal” looking core characters do a lot to ensure the clip is very relevant to the target market. It encourages a wide smile at the very least and doesn’t feel naggy or strict in nature. Instead, we are encouraged to realize the importance of the message in a positive and “feel good” way.

Effectiveness 9 / 10

This concept takes a different approach to its predecessors. Instead of frightening audiences into obeying the rules, this angle aims to appeal to everyone’s sense of humor, decency, and comradery. We think this style is far more fitting for a younger generation that responds negatively to being told what to do and is far more receptive to entertaining communications. This new style has a much better chance of making an impact than the conventional drink driving ads we’ve seen in the past that have been promotional based on basic nagging or lecturing approaches.

Style – 8 / 10

A great setting combined with catchy choreography ensures the message of the ad is delivered well. The characters look perfectly in line with the essential target demographics and the scenery is chosen aptly, The most common venue to host drink divers in this country is certainly likely to be pubs and bars, so the location and setup of the setting is spot on. The main character has been cast to look as unattractive in the shot as possible. This is a clever representation of the notion that “nobody wants to be that guy”.

Heart or Humor – 8 / 10

Great impactful humor gives this concept it’s life and ability to stand out. The commercial would have very little meaning if the wrong song were selected. But great effort has gone into selecting a soundtrack that is both incredibly well known, ties in with a comradery theme and also provides effective comedic value.

Execution – 8 / 10

Such a serious issue demands great presence and impact. This concept certainly provides both in equal measure. We are sure the response to this campaign will prove positive. Bars and pubs will be filled with lads singing the same tune in reference to this clip, in effort to remind their friends of the risk while keeping their social interactions light and comedic. It’s a very catchy idea and looks to have a great chance for inspiring action.

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The advert provides presence and impact in equal measure.

Heart or Humor8.0
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