TEMPTATIONS Christmas ad 2023: When Cats Can’t Resist the Holiday Spirit

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The TEMPTATIONS Christmas 2023 advert, “Cats Lose Their Cool,” brings a delightful twist to the holiday season. In this 70s-inspired commercial, a chic festive scene is humorously interrupted by a cat unapologetically walking over a piano, creating a cacophony that challenges the poise of The Armstrong Sisters. This playful disruption is relatable and amusing, echoing the unpredictable nature of our feline friends.

What sets this ad apart is its masterful blend of nostalgia and humor. The tacky yet charming holiday decorations and glitzy outfits transport viewers back to the era of classic holiday specials. The ad’s comedic timing is impeccable, with the cat’s interruption serving as a lighthearted reminder of the often chaotic but joyful reality of holiday gatherings.

Furthermore, the ad cleverly integrates the TEMPTATIONS Creamy Purrr-èe product as the ultimate peacemaker, showcasing its irresistibility even to the coolest of cats. This highlights the product’s appeal and role in creating memorable family moments, even with our sometimes aloof pet companions.

Two women in red sitting on a couch for a Christmas ad.
Cool Cat Conundrum: Even the most aloof felines can’t resist the charm of TEMPTATIONS Creamy Purrrr-ée treats during the holiday festivities.

Richard Brim’s comment perfectly encapsulates the campaign’s spirit perfectly, illustrating how even the most indifferent cats can’t resist the allure of TEMPTATIONS treats.

The holidays are a special time for making memories and bonding with family, friends and, of course, our pets,” said Jean-Paul Jansen, Vice President of Marketing for Mars Petcare North America. “We know that getting cats into the holiday spirit can be a challenge, so we found a way to make it – quite literally – a treat. It’s the TEMPTATIONS brand’s gift to cat parents, to help bring them together with their pets during the holiday season.”

TEMPTATIONS Christmas Advert 2023 - Cats Lose Their Cool
TEMPTATIONS Christmas Advert 2023 – Cats Lose Their Cool
  • Memorable: 90/100 – A mischievous cat’s playful disruption of a classic holiday setting creates an unforgettable scene.
  • Effective: 85/100 – The ad effectively showcases the product as a solution to include pets in holiday festivities.
  • Style: 95/100 – The 70s-themed holiday special aesthetic is executed with both humor and nostalgia, adding a unique flair.
  • Heart/Humor: 90/100 – The ad balances heartwarming pet moments with comedic interruptions, making it appealing and amusing.
  • Execution: 88/100 – From the setting to the cat’s performance, the ad is well-produced, maintaining viewer engagement throughout.

Overall, this TEMPTATIONS ad is a delightful addition to the holiday season, combining humor, heart, and a touch of nostalgia, all while effectively promoting their product as a must-have for cat-loving households.

TEMPTATIONS Christmas Advert 2023 - Cats Lose Their Cool
Ready to join in the holiday fun?
  1. Nostalgic Appeal: The advert brilliantly taps into the charm of 70s holiday specials, bringing a sense of warmth and nostalgia that resonates with a wide audience.
  2. Humor and Relatability: The unexpected antics of the cat add a humorous twist that pet owners can relate to, making the ad memorable and engaging.
  3. Product Integration: The TEMPTATIONS Creamy Purrr-èe is seamlessly incorporated into the storyline, highlighting its appeal to cats naturally and convincingly.
  1. Over-Reliance on Nostalgia: While the 70s theme is appealing, it might not resonate as strongly with younger viewers who are less familiar with the era.
  2. Predictability: Though amusing, the trope of pets causing chaos in ads is somewhat predictable and may not stand out in a crowded holiday ad space.
  3. Limited Focus on Human Characters: The focus is heavily on the cat, which while effective for the product, leaves little room for developing the human characters, potentially missing an opportunity to create a deeper emotional connection with the audience.



A 70s-themed holiday special

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