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Deutsch LA creates the short “Chasing Gold,” a brilliant TV commercial for Taco Bell. The advert, disguised as a movie trailer, promotes the Taco Bell’s highly-anticipated Nacho Fries that drop on menus nationwide for a limited time. Darren Criss (an American actor, singer, and songwriter. He received Emmy and Golden Globe acting awards for his leading role in The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story) stars in this TV commercial.

The fan-favorite menu item first debuted in January 2018 and this will be its fourth limited time appearance. Crisped to perfection, coated in bold Mexican seasoning, and served with a dippable side of warm Nacho Cheese sauce, Nacho Fries now needs no introduction or opener.

Live Más Productions has struck gold for the first time in the music business with “Love of My Life” from “Chasing Gold” — an ode to love, loss, and treasuring the good times while they’re still available in restaurants. Lead singer Zack Collins (Darren Criss) passionately sings about his love for Nacho Fries and the emotional journey that he endures when he realizes that sometimes love, like Nacho Fries, only lasts for a limited time. Wearing its flavors on its sleeve, this single is Live Más Productions’ most honest piece of work to date.

Live Más Productions label executive Marisa Thalberg added: “We’re excited to bring back such an adored menu item for our fans and, this time, fully immerse ourselves into the music space with ‘Chasing Gold.’ Our fans have come to expect these big budget trailers with every Nacho Fries launch and this time, we wanted to surprise them, adding a song as good as our Nacho Fries that they soon won’t be able to forget.”

The trailer commercial for the fake film “Chasing Gold” will run in movie theaters.

[Verse 1]
Your seasoning is my reasoning
Without you here, life has no meaning
Why must you go when I need you to stay?
The taste of you I could never replace

You’re the love of my life
But in this crazy, crazy world
How can love survive?
When maybe love only lasts for a limited time

[Verse 2]
Good times they come, good times they go
But I’d spend my life chasing gold
The melt of your cheese brought me to my knees
You got me begging, baby, please don’t leave

‘Cause you’re the love of my life
How can I find a way without your…
Mexican Spice
When maybe love only lasts for a limited time
For a limited time

Do I have to say goodbye?
To the taste of Nacho Fries
‘Cause maybe love only lasts for a limited time
You tasty Nacho Fries
Can’t get you off my mind
This spice cannot be denied
This is our time
I need you, I need you Nacho Fries
Please don’t leave me behind
I need to taste you one more time
The melt of your cheese is paradise
You are my favorite spice
You’re my favorite spice
My Nacho Fries



Very good!

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