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In this commercial

Created by the advertising agency The Martin Agency, the new Sling TV commercial is hilarious. The advert is based on the similarity between the terms slingers and swingers.
The advert is efficient as the benefits of the Sling TV subscription are clearly explained and exemplified in the film.

Agency: The Martin Agency
Production Company: Radical Media
Director: Steve Miller



Efficient and funny.

Heart or Humor9.0
Reader Rating: ( 10 votes ) 4.6

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  1. Your slingers commercial is really sleazy. It is not “hilarious” but does reflect the moral character of all involved. Shame on you Dish!!!!! You are definitely scrapping the bottom of the barrel especially when you show no regard for children and upstanding quality people.

  2. I think your commercial is a disgrace, The husband is so ready to have sex with his friends wife. He is striping while rubbing his penis. HE does not set a good example for children or Christian adults. It is an ABOMINATION TO GOD AND DECENT PEOPLE.

    1. You just assume that the one guy is getting undressed and ready to have sex with the other guy’s wife. What if he wants to have sex with the other guy?

  3. Even my 82 year old aunt thinks the commercial is funny, do you not have a sense of humor. I didn’t see him rub his penis and when it come to children, isn’t important that the parent watches to see what the child is watching. They have more stuff on the soap opera.

  4. I thought the commercial was reasonably clever when I first saw it. Now,after three months. I,m sick and tired of it. Classic overexposure.

  5. I think your commercials are annoying and inappropriate. Because of them, I would never subscribe to your service.

  6. If you think this commercial is harmless you might better think again. It is disturbing to think how low our moral standards have gone.

  7. Your commercials are sick! You couldn’t think of something else to go with that rhymes with ‘sling’ instead of ‘swing’ and make some inappropriate commercials like these to promote some sick lifestyle of swingers? I’d never pay for your TV. There are so many other options than your sick services.

  8. I LOVE these commercials. Especially this couple: The lady has big red puffed out hair and the husband has this big full beard. LMAO She is there telling the African American couple…we’re slingers you wanna join us? hahahaha Then the Manager comes out and he’s goofy looking as anything on TV. Hilarious just looking at him. The Manager then proceeds to warn them we have spoken about this before. Then the red head says we have bean bags if you don’t like the couch but her husband says it can fit all four of us. H I L A R I O U S!!! Perfect couple to promote this!!!.

  9. Dreadful, scummy, amoral, sleazy! I dread when commercial pops up, can’t change channel fast enough. Just how would one explain this to a young child? Shame on you.

  10. OMG what is wrong with people? A child has NO idea what they are talking about. Children don’t know what swingers or slingers are. This person should grow up and not be so darn sensitive! You mean to tell me your child is gonna look at you and ask what slinger means? Well tell them – it is a new TV channel that is being promoted and the people are trying to make friends by inviting them over to watch the channel. He says the couch can fit 4 people….come on does that say sexual? I stick by my comments and so do – I would bet – a lot of other people do! Like another commercial too where she is limbering up his legs to watch a binge night on slingers and she is holding up his leg. The people there are expressing concern for him and she shouts back : He could stretch a tendon or mucle…then tells her husband….don’t cry!!! hahahahaha A riot all the commercial but that couple cracks me up….Hey come over to the house tonight and Bruce (I think his name is Bruce) bring your mother! baaaahaaaaaa. If her child or children know what these people are saying other than a TV network then she’s the one with a problem. Using words like scummy, amoral and sleazy? No that is your dirty mind Jane Woulfe not the advertisers. Keep making them as they are funny as Hell! OOpps maybe jane will now have to pray for my soul because I said the H word. lol

  11. OMG! People need to relax and have a sense of humor! I was 8 years old watching a funny sitcom called “Soap”, and unbeknownst to me, the innuendos and sexual content were apparently blatant & plentiful. I didn’t realize it, of course, until I was an adult. But as a kid, I was completely able to “go around” that and not “see” the sexuality and was instead able to enjoy the humor nevertheless. No different than these Sling/Slinger commercials. So I wouldn’t worry about kids seeing these…good god!! And BTW, they ARE hilarious! I look forward to the next installments and hope it becomes a “series”, as it were! Good job, Sling! Love the humor and I love the actors portraying the Swingers! Absolutely hilarious!!

  12. Your commercial is not family friendly and is very suggestive and disgusting. I and my friends will NEVER use your product. Certainly, you can write a more respectable commercial than this trash. Please remove it from TV.

  13. I find your Slinger Commercials not only offensive; but entirely inappropriate to be aired in prime-time hours when children and teens may be watching. I will boycott any and all products affiliated with your advertising agency, as well as Sling Products.

  14. The sling couple is very funny and entertaining. I think a sitcom based on these characters would do well and I would be a loyal fan. A dated couple who have not changed much in this date and age that have their own way of describing and discussing everyday issues and topics. Think about it.

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