Scion: Vampire with a Man Bun

This hilarious was created by Droga5 for Scion. Founded in 2003, Scion is an innovation lab division for Toyota.
“Vampire with a Man Bun” commercial is part of a “Weird, Right?” campaign which promotes the all-new Scion iM 5-door hatchback and the all-new iA sedan.

“Weird, Right?” is the largest marketing campaign for Scion since the brand’s launch in 2003.

People who buy the iM and iA are independent-minded and our goal for this quirky campaign is to pique their interest in Scion,” says Doug Murtha, Scion general manager. “While Scion’s approach might be considered unique, it is designed to benefit our younger customers who want a streamlined purchase and ownership experience.”

Unfortunately, if the commercials from this campaign are not boosted by youtube ads the views number is pretty low. Moreover, the boost brings negative feedback from viewers as the media buyer forget to check “frequency capping” from “video ads advanced settings“. One of comment is edifying:

Hey look it’s an obnoxious unskippable ad and it’s James Franco starring in an obnoxious unskippable ad. It’s weird how I’m being forced to sit through a 30-second obnoxious unskippable ad starring James Franco so that I can watch a two-minute video and that anyone wouldn’t expect my opinion of Scion to be rapidly dipping thanks to this obnoxious unskippable ad. It’s weird that anyone would think I’d find this endearing, but they probably didn’t have to watch this commercial 200 times a day.”

This why checking comments is a good habit for a media planner…

Stockphoto Business People Scion commercial:

James Franco and James Franco Scion commercial:

Recently Liberated Car Dealership Tube Man Scion commercial:

Jaleel White and Wax Museum Steve Urkel Scion commercial:

Weird, right?


An inspired way to use the "weird theme" to generate a viral campaign.

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