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Salesforce ad featuring Matthew McConaughey

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Featuring Matthew McConaughey, the Salesforce commercial “The New Frontier” debuts during the Winter Olympics and runs during the Super Bowl. The Salesforce commercial was directed by Dante Ariola through MJZ.

The TV spot seeks to underscore how the new frontier isn’t out there in space, it’s right here on planet Earth.

In addition to serving as Salesforce’s newest brand partner and advisor and co-creating, the campaign McConaughey will be featured in the spot.

The new global campaign aims to inspire businesses and individuals to help build a more fair, equal, and sustainable future.

Since its founding, Salesforce has been laying the groundwork to advance business as a platform for change. Now, propelled by the climate crisis, the trust crisis, and the crisis of inequality, the goal for #TeamEarth is to serve as a call to action for every business and individual to join a community united by shared values and a desire to help make a difference.

Salesforce ad featuring Matthew McConaughey
Salesforce alongside new brand partner and advisor Matthew McConaughey unveiled #TeamEarth, a new global campaign that aims to inspire businesses and individuals to help build a more fair, equal, and sustainable future.

“#TeamEarth is a rallying cry we hope will inspire people and companies to use their platforms for change,” said Sarah Franklin, President, and Chief Marketing Officer, Salesforce. “Guided by our core values of trust, customer success, innovation, and equality, we are shining a light on how businesses and people can come together to build a better future. We’re delighted to partner with the acclaimed actor and writer Matthew McConaughey to co-create and share this campaign, and we invite the global community to join in.”

The campaign features a website with opportunities to participate in the #TeamEarth community, including creating a climate action plan, learning about unconscious bias, and building ethical, accessible, and inclusive products.

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