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Sage unveiled a funny advert named “Boss It with Sage.” with the tagline “take control of your business and Boss It with Sage.”
The commercial was created by the advertising agency Wunderman Thompson, UK.

Sage is an integrated accounting, payroll, and payment systems. Sage began as a small business and has grown to over 13,000 employees.

It is about control



Heart or Humor9.0
Reader Rating: ( 3 votes ) 3.2

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  1. Why does the mechanic in sage advert turn valve on (to stop leak) instead of leaving it in the off position. Note standard valve handle position.

  2. Disgusting! Why would you think that chopping up a harmless fish was acceptable? Do you stop to think about how many people would find that abhorrent? There are more and more people everyday realising that displays of cruelty not acceptable. The killing of defenceless animals should not be used as entertainment, as food, and certainly not as a way for you to advertise.

  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get rid of the radio advert with a man slurping his tea, I never get annoyed at adverts but this one makes my skin crawl.

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