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A combination of humor, music, and a memorable tagline.

Rambler Sparkling Water, based out of Austin, TX, has unveiled its latest campaign, “Get Limestoned,” a delightful blend of humor, brand identity, and the essence of Austin’s free spirit. Directed by Pete Marquis and produced in collaboration with the creative studio Strike Anywhere, the ad is a testament to the brand’s roots and commitment to sustainability.

A Dive into the Heart of Rambler

The ad’s setting, a mineral-infused Texan swimming hole, is not just a picturesque backdrop but the very genesis of Rambler’s brand. This limestone-rich location serves as the inspiration behind Rambler’s unique limestone mineral water. The choice of place for the ad is a nod to the brand’s origins, grounding the campaign in authenticity.

A bearded man is playing a guitar.
Rambler ad – Get Limestoned

Laid-back, Free-spirited, and Unapologetically Austin

The central character of the ad, a presumably naked man floating leisurely downstream on an innertube, embodies the laid-back spirit of Austin. His carefree demeanor, combined with plucking a guitar and sipping on Rambler Sparkling Water, captures the essence of the “Get Limestoned” tagline. The ad celebrates relaxation, freedom, and a touch of Austin’s signature quirkiness.

Director Pete Marquis’s vision for the ad was clear from the outset. He was drawn to the tagline’s vibe, which he felt perfectly represented Austin’s spirit – relaxed, free-spirited, and unafraid to embrace the unconventional. The casting of James Hal Hardy, who seemed to merge seamlessly with the river’s flow, further enhanced the ad’s vibe.

A man is playing a guitar and is floating down a river.

A Commitment Beyond Refreshment

Beyond its refreshing taste, Rambler stands out for its commitment to conservation and sustainability. Made in the US with a unique Limestone Mineral Blend, Rambler is the only sparkling water brand that actively gives back to the environment. Its responsible filtration techniques and partnerships with local preservation groups, such as American Rivers and Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation, underscore its dedication to environmental stewardship.

Recognition and Accolades

Strike Anywhere and Pete Marquis are no strangers to acclaim. Their recent wins at the 2023 Cannes Lions Festival, where they bagged six Lions for their Super Bowl LVII commercials, testify to their creative prowess. With “Get Limestoned,” they’ve once again showcased their ability to craft memorable and impactful campaigns.


“Get Limestoned” is more than just an ad; it’s a journey into the heart of Rambler’s brand essence. It captures the spirit of Austin, the uniqueness of Rambler’s limestone mineral water, and the brand’s commitment to sustainability. With its authentic setting, memorable tagline, and a touch of Austin’s free spirit, the ad is set to resonate with viewers and elevate Rambler’s brand identity.


  • Director: Pete Marquis
  • Producer: Adam Lawson + Ashley Krick
  • DP: Zach Voytas
  • Casting: Erica Henderson
  • Agency Creatives: mike + carter


  • Authentic Setting: The choice of a mineral-infused Texan swimming hole as the filming location roots the ad in authenticity, connecting directly with Rambler’s brand essence.
  • Strong Brand Messaging: The ad promotes the product and emphasizes Rambler’s commitment to conservation and sustainability, setting it apart from competitors.
  • Creative Execution: The combination of humor, music, and a memorable tagline makes the ad engaging and likely to resonate with a broad audience.


  • Niche Appeal: The ad’s strong focus on Austin’s spirit might limit its appeal to those unfamiliar with the city’s unique vibe.
  • Potential Controversy: The portrayal of a presumably naked man might be seen as risqué or inappropriate by some viewers.
  • Missed Product Details: While the ad captures the brand’s essence, it might not provide enough information about the product’s unique features for new consumers.



Good execution!

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