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Liquid Death, a brand known for its audacious marketing campaigns, has once again pushed the boundaries of advertising with its latest stunt featuring Steve-O, the daredevil entertainer synonymous with wild antics. The campaign, titled “Steve-O First Supernatural Stunt By Liquid Death,” introduces the Liquid Death All-Natural Steve-O Voodoo Doll, a concept as intriguing as it is audacious.

At the heart of this campaign is the claim that each voodoo doll contains a pouch of Steve-O’s natural hair, implying that whatever is done to the doll will be felt by Steve-O himself. This premise is captivating and controversial, drawing viewers into a world where the supernatural meets the world of stunts.

A man in a top hat holding a Steve-O Voodoo Doll.

The idea of intertwining voodoo practices with product promotion is undoubtedly bold. Liquid Death has managed to create an entertaining and interactive narrative, allowing consumers to feel directly involved in Steve-O’s “first supernatural stunt.” The campaign’s authenticity is heightened by the claim that each doll is handmade, contains ritual salts, and has been activated by a real witch doctor.

However, the campaign might raise eyebrows for some. The use of voodoo, a religious practice with deep cultural roots, as a marketing gimmick might be seen as insensitive or appropriative by some audiences. Moreover, the idea of causing harm, even in a playful or supernatural context, might not sit well with everyone.

A pair of hands holding a pair of mummies in a Liquid Death commercial featuring Steve-O and a Voodoo Doll.

The campaign is undeniably on-brand for both Liquid Death and Steve-O. It’s edgy, unexpected, and unapologetic. The collaboration between the two is a match made in marketing heaven (or perhaps the other place, given the brand’s hellish persona).

In conclusion, Liquid Death‘s latest ad campaign is a masterclass in audacious marketing. It’s a blend of humor, shock, and interactive engagement. While it might be polarizing, it’s undeniably memorable and showcases the brand’s commitment to pushing the envelope in advertising.

A man, resembling Steve-O, sits on a stool with a beer in his hand for Liquid Death commercial.


  • Innovative Engagement: The campaign offers a unique interactive experience, allowing consumers to feel directly involved in Steve-O’s supernatural stunt.
  • Memorable Branding: The audacious concept ensures the campaign stands out, reinforcing Liquid Death’s edgy brand identity.
  • Perfect Collaboration: Steve-O, known for his wild antics, is an ideal fit for Liquid Death’s bold marketing style, making the campaign feel authentic.


  • Cultural Sensitivity: Using voodoo, a deep-rooted religious practice, as a marketing gimmick might be perceived as insensitive or appropriative.
  • Potential Controversy: The idea of causing harm, even in a playful context, could be off-putting to some audiences.
  • Polarizing Approach: While the campaign is memorable, its edginess might alienate potential consumers who prefer more traditional advertising.



Perfect Collaboration

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