Nike: Golf – Enjoy The Chase

Featuring Rory McIlroy, the new Nike commercial has been produced in partnership with advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, Portland.

If you don’t love the work you have to put in to become the best, then you may want to consider a different line of work or sport of choice,” said McIlroy. “I think the common denominator among every great athlete, no matter the sport, is they love the chase to improve. They dedicate themselves more and that’s the main reason they’re better.

Nike Golf shares this passion in a series of short vignettes across social channels and a short film that runs throughout the week on both ESPN and NBC The Golf Channel.

According to swing coach Michael Bannon, McIlroy has been focused on executing precise iron shots to the right side of the hole – a requirement that next week’s major championship demands. He’s also been working on greens that are quick, complex and undulated.

In anticipation, McIlroy works with Bannon to replicate each of the shots required to win the championship, like drawing the ball off the tee, a shot required on many holes. Around the greens, it’s about hitting shots from tight lies; getting the ball on the right side of the hole. When it comes to putting, he’ll work on speed with left-hand low.

The production company was Radical, VFX by a52 and music by Future Perfect.

Golf training can be epic


Well done and efficient. Good work Nike Golf!

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