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MTN DEW joins forces with actor and all-around funny man, Charlie Day, in an epic partnership taking aim at traditional advertising. MTN DEW, the original instigator brand, prides itself on taking a humorous approach in ads and life. And who better to “Do the DEW,” alongside the brand than the equally witty and hilarious, Charlie Day?

The new ad campaign from Day and MTN DEW takes a lens to stale ad tropes and over-the-top product placements with not one, not two but ten ads – including manufactured feel-good moments and ironically (or not) outrageous brand spokespeople.

“When MTN DEW approached me to do this campaign, my ears immediately perked up. As a brand, it is known for being bold and I’ve always appreciated its humorous approach toward marketing,” says actor Charlie Day. “When they showed me the ideas for the spots, I was sold – they are creative and funny. Which is exactly how I like my humor, funny.”

So what can DEW Nation expect from the ad campaign? Laughs. No stranger to humor, MTN DEW leans into its bold personality for a series of ten spots where Day fast forwards the clock with VFX to play a DEW-loving grandpa, breaks through a wall to Do the DEW as he takes on the roles of a DEW hype man and plays a DEW focused action hero, just to name a few. Joining Day on-screen is special guest Zach LaVine, a two-time NBA All-Star and MTN DEW 3-Point Contest participant. Making a long-awaited return, DEW icon and fan-favorite, Puppy Monkey Baby comes out of a six-year retirement for the occasion.

“Humor, energy, and fun are at the core of the DEW DNA. The advertising space is more crowded than ever before, so our goal is always to engage and entertain our fans,” says Pat O’Toole, vice president, marketing, MTN DEW. “Charlie is a true showman. I got to be on set when we filmed and no matter how many takes, he did, the team would erupt with laughter. That’s what we want for our fans.”

The spots feature a range of MTN DEW products including MTN DEW, MTN DEW Zero Sugar, Diet MTN DEW, MTN DEW Spark and MTN DEW Spark Zero Sugar. The ad campaign will appear online and on all social media platforms throughout the year, dropping the first spot just in time for NBA All-Star 2022, where MTN DEW will have a significant presence as the official soft drink of the league and sponsor of the MTN DEW 3-Point Contest, an All-Star highlight year over year.



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