Michelob ULTRA: Super Bowl 2019 TV Ad featuring Zoe Kravitz

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Michelob ULTRA unveiled its second Super Bowl 2019 TV Commercial.
Named “The Pure Experience” the advert is well executed, powerful and memorable. The film was created by the advertising agency FCB Chicago and it features Zoë Kravitz.
The tagline is “Beer in Its Organic Form.”

The press release:

Soft whispers. Trees shudder. Nails tap. Beer pours. Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold is bringing all the feels to Super Bowl LIII with a new commercial starring actress Zoe Kravitz who delivers the Pure Gold message using ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response). The commercial induces tingling sensations as it encourages drinkers to reconnect with nature through the enjoyment of beer in its organic form. The TV spot titled “The Pure Experience,” marks Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold’s first time appearing in the Super Bowl.

“We launched Pure Gold less than a year ago and the reaction has been amazing. It was a no brainer to use the Super Bowl stage to make an even bigger introduction of this beer to the country – especially in such a disruptive way with a partner like Zoe Kravitz,” said Azania Andrews, VP of Michelob ULTRA. “More and more people are choosing to incorporate wellness and mindfulness into their lives – whether that’s hiking, meditating or paying more attention to what they are eating and drinking. Pure Gold is an organic beer that provides drinkers with an option they can feel good about without sacrificing a pure, refreshing taste.”

Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold is the first national organic beer brand to hit the market and is made with ingredients inspired by nature with only 85 calories and 2.5 carbs. Since it debuted in 2018, Pure Gold has been one of the fastest growing new brands in beer, appealing to consumers who prioritize natural, organic lifestyles. Pure Gold bears the USDA organic seal, indicating the rigorous standards and process required to make such a special beer.

“Working with Pure Gold is cool because I love the idea of bringing a different organic taste to the beer market,” said Zoe Kravitz. “We had great time in Hawaii shooting the commercial. It was such a beautiful setting, I felt very lucky to be there. I’m excited to share that experience with everyone.”

Michelob ULTRA: The Pure Experience - Super Bowl 2019 TV Commercial

Consumers lucky enough to attend Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta will also have the opportunity to enjoy an organic Pure Gold at the stadium. The brand will be available at Snackology 101, the only fully organic concessionaire in-stadium, to offer fans organic beers and bites so they can reconnect with nature during the big game. The Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold bar can be found on the concourse adjacent to Snackology 101.

Michelob ULTRA: The Pure Experience - Super Bowl 2019 TV Commercial

Michelob ULTRA: The Pure Experience - Super Bowl 2019 TV Commercial

FCB Chicago is the lead creative agency for “The Pure Experience.”



One of the best 2019 Super Bowl commercial.

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