Metamucil: When Nugget met Metamucil

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Metamucil unveiled a weird commercial that it is funny. The advert was created by the advertising agency McCann Health, Sydney, Australia. The film was directed by Nicholas Clifford.

The official hashtag is #LoveYourGut and the marketing story is “The love story that has a nation holding its breath. It will move you in ways you didn’t expect.”
The campaign is funny and efficient as it explain the product benefit in a funny way.

Advertising Agency: McCann Health
Director: Nicholas Clifford
Executive Creative Director: June Laffey
Senior Copywriter: Vanessa Reynolds
Account Manager: Marie Le Hur
Producers: Michael Ciccone, Jim Wright
Production Manager: Emma Roberts
Production Company: Truce Films
1st AD: Kham Souksen
Director of Photography: Liam Gilmour
Production Design: Ruby Mathers
Costume Design: Brodie Simpson
Editors: Luke Dickinson, Rob Sarroff
Colourist & Online: Retrobox, Chris Reynolds
VFX: Polynaught Studios
Sound Design & Mix: Zigzag Post, Dave McCarthy

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Love Your Gut



Heart or Humor10.0

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