Carl’s Jr.: Carl Hardee Sr. Returns – Extended version

In this commercial

The advertising agency 72andSunny unveiled a new commercial for Carl’s Jr. The advert features Charles Esten playing Carl Hardee Sr.

The advert tagline is “Pioneers of the Great American Burger.”

The marketing story is that the founder, Carl Hardee Sr. is back to focus on what we do best: making tasty food. Say goodbye to women in tiny bathing suits; now it’s all about grass-fed beef, hand-breaded chicken tenders, made-from-scratch biscuits and bacon on pretty much everything.

Some people will be happy because they move away from the old argument “Sex Sells,” but some people will regret the old sexy commercials. The fictional character, Hardee Sr., bring the feeling that “things are back in control.”

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Things are back in control


The advert is well executed and has style. Good work 72andSunny!

Heart or Humor8.0

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