MAGNUM ad – A Chilling Tale of True Love and Fake Treats

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It's a sweet treat for the emotions.

Picture this: a cozy evening, a comfy couch, and a startling revelation that shatters the serenity – your beloved Magnum ice creams are impostors! “MAGNUM – Stick to the Original,” created by the imaginative minds at LOLA MullenLowe, serves up a delightful 77-second concoction of humor, heart, and a dash of drama. This ad cleverly scoops out a narrative about authenticity, not just in frozen treats, but in the frosty realm of personal relationships.


  1. Humorous Hyperbole: The ad’s exaggerated portrayal of betrayal over fake Magnums strikes a comedic chord. This hyperbolic reaction to counterfeit ice cream is a clever metaphor for the importance of genuineness in relationships, making the ad both amusing and memorable.
  2. Relatable Storytelling: The commercial resonates with a broad audience by anchoring its message in a common relationship scenario. It’s a tale as old as time – trust, deceit, and ice cream. Who hasn’t felt betrayed by a loved one’s little white lies?
  3. Brand Positioning: Unlike its creamy competitors, Magnum doesn’t just sell ice cream; it sells authenticity. This approach elevates the brand above mere sensory pleasure, aligning it with values of truth and reliability.
MAGNUM advert - A Chilling Tale of True Love and Fake Treats
MAGNUM advert – When dessert becomes the main course of drama – a Magnum mystery unfolds


  1. Risk of Misinterpretation: Some viewers might miss the metaphor and focus too literally on the “fake” ice cream, potentially muddling the intended message of authenticity.
  2. Narrow Narrative Focus: By choosing a relationship-based story, the ad might not resonate as strongly with viewers more responsive to traditional, sensory-focused ice cream advertising.
  3. Limited Product Showcase: The ad’s focus on narrative over product might leave some consumers craving more visual and sensory details about the ice cream.
MAGNUM advert - A Chilling Tale of True Love and Fake Treats
The face you make when ‘fake’ extends beyond just fashion.

In the freezer of life, only the truest treats stand the test of time. “MAGNUM – Stick to the Original” is a frosty fable reminding us that authenticity is king in love and ice cream. It is a delightful reminder that while hearts may break, the love for a genuine Magnum never fakes.


  • Memorable (85/100): This ad sticks like a Magnum on a hot summer day – mostly because of its unique take on betrayal.
  • Effective (75/100): It’s like a spoon through a soft scoop, but it might leave some craving more direct product appeal.
  • Style (90/100): As stylish as a swirl of chocolate on a perfectly scooped cone – it’s got flair and originality.
  • Heart/Humor (80/100): Packed with more heart and humor than a surprise ice cream party, it’s a sweet treat for the emotions.
  • Execution (70/100): Executed with the precision of perfectly balanced ice cream, though it teeters slightly on the cone of product focus.
MAGNUM A Chilling Tale of True Love and Fake Treats
In the court of ice cream, Magnum pleads the case for originality.



It's got flair and originality.

Heart or Humor8.0
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