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Ring in the style! Louis Vuitton, the epitome of luxury, has graced us with an 85-second spectacle of elegance and celebration to kick off the new year. This isn’t just a greeting; it’s a journey through joy, adventure, and, of course, the high-end flair synonymous with Louis Vuitton. Let’s unpack this lavish visual festivity and see how LV bids adieu to the old and rolls out the red carpet for the new year!

Louis Vuitton - Happy New Year ad
Elegance at the Stroke of Midnight: Louis Vuitton Ushers in the New Year.

Louis Vuitton’s New Year message resembles a visual symphony of luxury and celebration. While it might fly first class in style and aesthetics, it cruises at a lower altitude regarding narrative depth and direct brand connection. This ad is like a beautifully wrapped gift – you adore the packaging, but you’re not sure what’s inside. Still, it leaves you with a sense of joy and a desire to embark on adventures – albeit in fabulous shoes and with a designer bag!

Louis Vuitton - Happy New Year commercial
Glamour and Glitter: LV’s New Year, More Than Just Fireworks

A Toast to Style


Elegance at the Stroke of Midnight

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