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History has a way of reaching the softest parts of our hearts and minds. The “Timeless” ad by Lacoste certainly takes the concept of time and “runs” with it wholeheartedly. In this post, we present our review of this commercial and give it our scores out of 10 in regards the vital advertising criteria. Give it a view and see if your take aligns with ours.
The background music is the songs “November” by Max Richter.
The Lacoste Timeless TV commercial is created by the advertising agency Pedone. The tagline of this emotional commercial is “Life Is a Beautiful Sport.”

Memorability – 9 / 10

Delivering a captivating clip with dramatic scenes and music is assumed a safe and sound advertising formula for almost all types of fashion brand communication. This ad provokes sentiment to recent history and relates well to the timeless and universal law of attraction, “we want and chase what we don’t have”. The soundtrack builds throughout the sequence promising a climax until finally we are presented with the ultimate end – fulfillment. Highly memorable for its visuals, but even more so for its delivery of an overwhelmingly powerful message – “life’s best bits are well worth the chase”.

Effectiveness – 8 / 10

With this campaign, Lacoste is clearly trying to target the younger millennial market. Both core characters appear to be in their early twenties, with young love and primal ambitions on the brain. The ad captures these highly relatable elements and paints a glorified picture of the things that matter to this generation. Active living, romance, perseverance, and evolution are all key themes highlighted in harmony throughout the piece. It’s a moving sequence, creates a connection to sport and captures the essence of the brand. Will it sell? I might not be in an immediate rush to go out and buy one of the polo necks the leading male shows off in the clip, but I’ll wear the Lacoste bag I bought last year with just that little bit of extra pride from now on. Job done.

Style – 9 / 10

Cinematic period drama inspired visuals and a classical soundtrack to match combine to create a sequence worthy of Hollywood. Golden lighting and sharp transitions bring a feel of sportiness and heightened tempo to the pace of the clip which hits the brand’s core values hard. Shameless splashes of the traditional Lacoste logo add clarity to the message while not interfering with the “story” being told to the viewer.

Heart or Humor – 8 / 10

There’s little room for humor when you’re boasting the credentials of a long-standing fashion brand. This is heart all the way. At moments, the elements brought in to connect the viewer to different periods of history will provoke borderline tear jerk sentiments from many. This sequence has been written to pull on the emotion strings, and it does this almost immediately within the first few scenes.

Execution – 9 / 10

Overall there is a very little lacking in Lacoste’s attempt to emphasize its historical footprints to younger generations. Is might be possible to add even more drama to the “done to death” concept of the “train chase”, but it seems needless to pick holes in a piece that has been produced so well. Tasteful, full or character and nails the brand’s core principles right into the conscious minds of the target audience with relevant and powerful themes.



A beautiful film from Lacoste.

Heart or Humor10.0
Reader Rating: ( 2 votes ) 10

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