Kohler: Even Poseidon is impressed

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Good visual

Maybe Poseidon is impressed. I do not!

The advertising agency Framestore, USA creates an advert for Kohler. Murray Butler directed the commercial, showcasing Kohler’s innovative digital shower capabilities with Statement shower sprays and Anthem digital control systems. Teaming up with Kohler’s internal creative team, the spot features epic visuals, stellar performances, and seamless product integration to showcase how the brand makes it possible to summon water like a god.
Supreme control over the water was always the sole power of Poseidon—until KOHLER digital controls came along, that is. With digital controls and personalized presets, you can tune each setting—including temperature, sprays, and more—from an intuitive interface to create your ultimate shower. Even Poseidon is impressed.

Kohler commercial

Good visual


I'm not impressed!

Heart or Humor7.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 3.2

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  1. Finally an excellent commercial that is not disease, medical or insurance related that seems to have taken over TV commercials.

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