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Irish Spring Super Bowl ad 2022

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Irish Spring is unveiled its first-ever Super Bowl commercial to help guys across America discover exactly where great smells come from. The new commercial, entitled, “Welcome to Irish Spring,” follows our less than fresh smelling hero as he comes across the lush, clean land of Irish Spring. But what begins as a blissful adventure, quickly transforms into something unforeseen.

Directed by award-winning filmmakers Matias Rygh and Mathias Eriksen, otherwise known as Matias & Mathias, the :30 commercial will air during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl 2022.

“As a brand that has been around for 50 years, it’s important to modernize and stay fresh so younger generations understand what Irish Spring is all about. And that’s good smells,” says Emily Fong Mitchell, general manager of Personal Care for North America at Colgate-Palmolive. “Our Big Game commercial is the product of a lot of creative thinking about how we want to evolve and build on this classic brand, knowing that we’re a staple among so many men today, but that we also have this new group–Zillennial guys–that want to make sure they don’t smell bad.”

“Strategically, Irish Spring has an unbeatable proposition: they make soap that smells good, so you can smell good. We noticed that no one in the category was owning the notion of smelling great, and it felt like very fertile territory,” says Spence Kramer, Founder & CEO of TEN6. “Testing showed that to be the case, and our clients trusted us enough to take this simple but powerful insight to the extreme.”

Irish Spring Super Bowl ad 2022
Irish Spring Super Bowl ad 2022

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