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TurboTax unveiled “All People Are Tax People Remix,” a music video styled film that will air during the NFL Super Bowl LIV.

The commercial was created in partnership with independent advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, the film was directed by the artist and filmmaker, Calmatic, and the track created by W+K creative team in partnership with Walker Music.

“With the Super Bowl, we are creating a moment, at the height of tax season, to inspire and empower fans, and celebrate what unites us,” said Mary-Ann Somers, Senior Vice President, Intuit’s Consumer Group. “We believe that people are capable of amazing things and, with the right tools and encouragement, they can do anything – including their taxes. This spot is a celebration that everyone can confidently do their taxes with TurboTax, no matter how much or little help they need.”

“All People Are Tax People Extended Remix” is an original full-length song and music video recognizing the idea that taxes are something we all have in common. The song pays tribute to Bounce music with its repetition, high energy and southern style roots, and is brought to life on film featuring a diverse array and reflection of the American people.

A culmination of the TurboTax “All People Are Tax People” campaign that debuted earlier this year, the TurboTax Super Bowl LIV spot takes on a celebratory tone inspiring and empowering fans to file their taxes in a fun and playful way.

A 45-second version of “All People Are Tax People Remix” will air during the broadcast of the game. This is complemented by an integrated multi-channel campaign across digital, social and high-reach media.

TurboTax Super Bowl Song Lyrics~

All People are Tax People REMIX

All people. All people. All people are tax people.
All people. All people. All people are tax people.

If you filing by yourself, let me see you clap it up.
Clap it up, clap it up.

If you need a little help go ahead and hit us up.
Hit us up. Hit us up.

You got a question to ask? A CPA can help you there,
help you there, help you there.

Got a W-2? Go on and wave it in the air.
Wave it in the air, wave it in the air.

Now take a picture, take a picture.
Easy uploads is a mobile feature.

English, Spanglish, Español.
We all speak refund, go and get yours.

Now get deductions, get deductions.
Make sure you’re not missing nothing.

You can file it, you can do it.
You can file it, you can do it.

We can help you getting through it.
Get it filed, nothing to it.

Do ya taxes, do ya taxes. Everybody, everybody, do ya taxes.

Got everything you need to reenact this. Do ya taxes, do ya taxes.

All people. All people. All people are tax people.
All people. All people. All people are tax people.

All people are tax people


Not bad, not the best TurboTax advert.

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Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 2.1

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