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Icelandair ad 2023, “Easy to Stop, Hard to Leave,” has recently partnered with Pablo London. The campaign, featuring breathtaking Icelandic landscapes, aims to showcase the airline’s unique stopover booking option.

The “Easy to Stop, Hard to Leave” campaign, directed by Sam Hibbard through Somesuch, employs a tongue-in-cheek approach. It features a boarding call for Oliver, a connecting passenger who has vanished during his captivating stopover in Iceland. The ad highlights a mix of Icelandic locals and stunning landscapes as they search for Oliver, showcasing the allure of the country and the difficulty of leaving it behind.


  • Captivating visuals: The ad effectively showcases Iceland’s stunning landscapes and attractions, drawing the viewer’s attention and increasing their desire to visit the country.
  • Creative storytelling: The unique concept of a passenger going AWOL during their stopover adds a sense of humor and intrigue, making the ad memorable and engaging.
  • Promotes Icelandair’s unique stopover booking option: By focusing on the airline’s stopover program, the ad highlights a distinctive feature that sets Icelandair apart from its competitors, potentially attracting more customers.


  • Audio balance: Some viewers felt that the music was too loud, which could potentially deter them from watching the entire ad or fully appreciating its message.
  • Potential confusion about the destination: One viewer mentioned that they saw the ad with New York as the destination instead of Paris, which could lead to confusion or inconsistency in the ad’s message.
  • Limited focus on airline services: While the ad effectively promotes Iceland as a destination and the stopover option, it does not showcase other aspects of the airline’s services, such as in-flight amenities, customer service, or safety measures. This lack of focus on the airline itself might not be sufficient for some viewers to choose Icelandair for their travel needs.


The “Easy to Stop, Hard to Leave” campaign invites viewers to experience the magic of an Icelandair Stopover. It illustrates the mesmerizing pull of Iceland’s stunning landscapes and the unforgettable memories awaiting those who choose to explore them.

Icelandair ad 2023 comments

Icelandair ad 2023, “Easy to Stop, Hard to Leave,” leaves viewers enamored and excited about the possibility of a stopover in Iceland. The ad highlights the allure of Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes and the airline’s unique stopover booking option. As evident from the social media comments, the ad has struck a chord with viewers from around the globe.
Many users praised the ad’s creativity and execution, with one user exclaiming, “Superb ad!!! I am excited to see Iceland – The land of fire and ice!” Another commented on the ad’s high level of creativity, while one user declared, “Icelandair is the best!” These comments show that the ad has sparked interest in the airline and the country.
The ad’s music also drew attention from viewers, with one person asking, “Who does that tune? It’s brilliant.” However, not everyone was pleased with the ad’s sound design, as one user felt the music was too loud and could have deterred them from watching the video.
Additionally, the ad piqued viewers’ curiosity about various aspects of the video. One user asked about a metal club featured in the ad, asking whether it was a real place and its name. Another user pointed out a potential discrepancy in the ad, noting that they had seen it in the cinema with New York instead of Paris as the destination.
Despite the varying opinions, the overall reception of Icelandair’s new ad has been overwhelmingly positive. The ad has successfully generated excitement and intrigue about visiting Iceland and using Icelandair’s stopover booking option. With its captivating visuals and engaging storytelling, Icelandair’s “Easy to Stop, Hard to Leave” campaign has left a lasting impression on viewers, promising memorable travel experiences to those willing to explore the magical land of fire and ice.

Icelandair ad 2023
Easy to Stop, Hard to Leave

Icelandair Marketing Director Gísli Brynjólfsson expressed enthusiasm for the campaign, stating that the Icelandair Stopover is a critical part of their business model and that they aim to expand it throughout 2023 and beyond. Dan Watts, Executive Creative Director at Pablo, emphasized the importance of reframing Icelandair’s superpower – Iceland itself – to engage customers in a fresh perspective on transatlantic travel.

Since the 1960s, Icelandair has offered its customers the chance to enjoy an Iceland stopover, gaining popularity in the early 2000s as interest in the country increased. The program allows travelers to pause in Iceland for a couple of days while en route between European and North American destinations at no extra cost.

Recent research reveals a nearly 15% increase in traveler openness to stopovers since 2019, with a particular uptick in interest in leisure stopovers. This trend aligns with the growing popularity of exploration travel following the pandemic. Icelandair seeks to demonstrate the ease of creating an unforgettable Iceland stopover for its customers.

The airline’s Stopover offering enables passengers to experience Iceland’s beauty without additional airfare, setting Icelandair apart from other carriers and appealing to those seeking an extraordinary journey.



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