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Huggies, a U.S. Kimberly-Clark brand, unveiled its 30-second Super Bowl spot that welcomed gameday babies to the world.

The new commercial demonstrates what it’s like for babies being brand new to life, assuring them Huggies, the beloved diapers and wipes brand, is there to help navigate the unknowns of babyhood. The commercial signals Huggies’ refreshing take on the diapers and wipes category and its unique supportive role in helping babies and parents through uncharted territory.

“We’re excited to spotlight our celebrity arrivals, new babies born today and every day,” said Rebecca Dunphey, President of Personal Care at Kimberly-Clark North America. “Not only were we first time advertisers, but we’re also proud to be the first brand to feature gameday newborns in our spot! It was an incredible journey with our agency partners, and we’re thrilled to have been able to have this opportunity.”

The spot featured eight babies who were born on February 7, 2021, the same day the ad was featured in the broadcast. Understanding the logistical mastery needed to obtain day-of user-generated-content, Huggies started outreach in late 2020 to its network of hospital partners worldwide, eventually signing on dozens of partners before game day. Together, Huggies and these long-time hospital partners engaged expecting parents and had them submit user-generated pictures and video clips of their newborns to be featured in the big game commercial, later that day. All the footage of the gameday newborns was submitted virtually, without the brand ever having to enter a hospital.

Baby Extended Cut Huggies Super bowl commercial 2021

Of the eight newborns featured in the commercial, baby Destinee, Freyja and Adam were all born in Tampa, Florida, the city where the big game took place. The other five babies who made their debut in the ad include baby Acre of Green Bay, WI, Donyelle of Chicago, IL, Valentino of Long Beach, CA and Khloe of Cape Coral, FL. Additionally, baby Emmett of Fort Meyers, FL was also in the spot and his mother was coincidentally born on gameday in 1986!

Huggies Super Bowl 2021 commercial

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