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Hellmann’s Super Bowl commercial 2021 features comedian, actress, and author, Amy Schumer. Together, Amy and Hellmann’s encourage Americans to get creative in the kitchen and “make taste, not waste” with ingredients that might otherwise end up in the trash.

The 30-sec commercial is directed by award-winning director, screenwriter and producer, Peter Farrelly.

The acting is good, but the message seems to be forced in the script.

And while Hellmann’s wants to make Americans aware of the reality of food waste, the brand will also provide easy tips people can immediately begin to use in their own kitchens to help limit food waste at home.

“It was startling to learn how much food gets thrown out in our homes, especially when you consider how many people are struggling to put food on their tables,” said Amy Schumer. “I’m proud to partner with Hellmann’s to bring awareness to this issue and help provide people with tangible ways to make easy changes at home. Simple steps like embracing imperfect foods and organizing your fridge or pantry can start to help reduce waste and inspire creativity in the kitchen.”

“We’re excited to partner with both Amy Schumer and Peter Farrelly to bring attention to such an important issue that we can help change,” said Ben Crook, Senior Marketing Director for Hellmann’s North America. “We learned that the reason people tend to waste so much food at home is because they end up with disparate ingredients, like half a chicken breast, an avocado, a lone onion, and aren’t inspired or sure how to use them. As a versatile pantry staple that can be used to create dips, sandwiches, pasta bakes, and even chocolate cake, Hellmann’s can be the magic to help people get more creative in the kitchen.”

Did you know that 40% of all food in the U.S. goes to waste and 43% of that waste actually happens in our homes? It’s a shocking reality. This is why Hellmann’s is committed to inspiring more than 100 million people around the world to waste less food each year.

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