Heineken: Chase

Heart or Humor

The advertising agency Talent Marcel creates this funny advert for Heineken Brasil. The commercial promotes Itubaína Guaraná. Guaraná is a local soft drink.

Brazil produces several soft drink brands from guaraná extract. The word guaraná is widely used in Brazil as a reference to soft drinks containing guaraná extract.

The commercial is about a chase of office workers in chairs for the last bottle of Itubaína Guaraná.

CCO: João Livi
Creative Directors: Eduardo Martins e Daniell Rezende
Creative and Interactivity Director: Marcello Droopy
Creative Team: José Carlos Lollo, Pedro Guerra, Daniell Rezende
Out Of Home / Key Visual Creative Team: Mellina Fontoura, José Carlos Lollo, Pedro Guerra
Interactivity Creative Team: Breno Amaro, Pedro Aranha, William Oliveira, Marcello Droopy
Strategic Planning: Gabriela Soares, Douglas Nogueira, Pedro Spadoni
Interactivity and Strategy Director: Lúcio Freitas
Content Strategy: Vitor Ayrosa, Mariana Fioravanti
BI: Maria Clara Passos, Maria Eugênia Lucchesi
Digital Producer: Suzana Lin
Digital Production House: Um Studio
RTVC/Agency Production Team : Maria Hermínia Weinstock, Erika Sartini
Client Services: Renato Broggin, Michele Sibile e Louise Merli
Media Team: Violeta Noya, Eduardo Ferreira, Luca Lima, Rafael Takeshita, Caio Augusto, Moisés Neto e Livia Torres
Production House: Barry Company
Director: João Papa
Assistant Director: Filipi Fransciquini
Director of Photography: Alex Vecchi
Digital Content Director: Jorge Alaniz
Digital Photography Director: Alex Vecchi
Executive Producers: Krysse Mello e Juliana Martellotta
Client Services: Daniela Silva
Art Director: Marines Mencio
Editing: Ivan Kanter Goldman
Finalization: Viviane Torre
Post-production: BARRY COMPANY
Sound Production House: Mission Music
Client Services: Lu Fernandes / Vic Gaibar
Producer: Gabriel Soste e equipe
Announcer: Paul Wingerden
Client Approval: Bruna Fausto, Anna Dafico, Barbara Ikari

The last bottle


Not memorable or efficient.

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