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Greenlight Super Bowl ad 2022

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Greenlight Super Bowl ad 2022 features Emmy-winning actor and comedian Ty Burrell (The Modern Family). The campaign shines a light on the importance of financial literacy and aims to entertain and inspire millions of families nationwide to learn about the world of money together with Greenlight.

“Parents know it’s important for their kids to learn about money, but many don’t know where to start,” said Tim Sheehan, co-founder and CEO of Greenlight. “At Greenlight, we aim to create a world where every child grows up with the financial education they need for a bright future. Our presence at the Big Game is an incredible milestone that allows us to advance our mission to empower millions more parents to raise financially-smart kids.”

The campaign uses humor to exaggerate what can happen when an adult grows up without financial education — ultimately, demonstrating the tremendous value Greenlight brings to help parents raise financially-smart kids. In the commercial, titled “I’ll Take It,” Ty Burrell plays an over-the-top, extravagant version of himself who makes a series of outrageously poor, wacky financial decisions, purchasing everything from a hot air balloon with his face on it to a jetpack to a pegasus. The 30-second spot features nearly a dozen action-packed, comedic vignettes before Ty’s character suddenly learns he’s out of money. The film then shows a Greenlight family, in contrast, who has learned how to earn, save, spend wisely, invest and navigate the world of money together.

Greenlight Super Bowl advert 2022
Greenlight Super Bowl advert 2022

“It’s great when comedy can help draw attention to something as important as financial literacy,” said Ty Burrell. “I love Greenlight’s mission to help parents teach their kids about money and make it easier for families to learn together.”

In addition to the commercial, Ty Burrell will star in three digital videos that highlight how to earn, save and invest using Greenlight, as well as a TikTok challenge that encourages the community to talk openly about their financial decisions and learn together. Designed to be fun yet educational, the digital and social campaign extensions will launch in the days following the Big Game to continue reaching many more families.

“As a family-focused company, we have always looked for opportunities to shine a light on the world of money for parents and kids alike,” said Rachel Hamilton, Chief Marketing Officer of Greenlight. “The February 13th game, one of the biggest family events of the year, is the perfect stage to raise awareness of how Greenlight can help parents teach their kids about money. With comedic genius Ty Burrell and our creative partners, we were able to bring to life the importance of financial literacy in a humorous, entertaining way that makes the topic approachable for families.”



Ty Burrell is funny.

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