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Gillette unveiled a new TV commercial named “My Skin. My Way Stories,” part of its 2018 campaign “My Skin, My Way.” The advert was created by the advertising agency BBDO and the background music is the song Venus by Shocking Blue .
The marketing message is “In a world obsessed with skin perfection, Venus wants every woman to feel comfortable in her skin just as it is—scars, marks, flaws and all.”

There are four videos with real women who are showing the world how many versions of beautiful skin there are—and how to own it: Marika, Kyisha Dae, and Azra.

Marika was born with congenital nevi—a condition that left her skin covered in birthmarks from head to toe. Growing up in a world obsessed with perfect skin, she struggled with looking different. But today, she’s empowered by it.
When Kyisha was pregnant, the last thing she wanted was a C-Section. The world perceives it as the “easy” way out, and the scar left behind could serve as a constant reminder of that. But she chose to see the beauty in it.
Dae shaved her head because she was tired of her hair dictating her mood. She feels powerful and beautiful.
Azra sees her stretch marks as a track of how her body has changed, and how strong she has become over the years.

You can read below the background story of the Gillette campaing “My Skin, My Way.”
Venus has partnered with Thrive Global, an initiative to stop the cycle of appearance-related perfection anxiety that affects the health and well-being of so many women. Venus surveyed women to shine a light on the written and unwritten rules that restrict their skin. The results show a need to right the rules when it comes to women and their skin.#MySkinMyWay

Starting with the launch of the “My Skin, My Way” campaign, Gillette Venus will do its part to right those rules by celebrating every woman and every type of skin. The campaign is an overhaul of the brand’s marketing and is just the first step to a series of commitments and activations that will shine a light on women who write their own rules when it comes to how they live life in their own skin.

With the “My Skin, My Way” campaign, Gillette Venus will represent more women and stories, shining a light especially on those who defy conventions. The campaign will roll out over the next several months with new advertising, social content, influencer storytelling, and brand partnerships.

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