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GEICO unveiled new hilarious commercials for 2019 Halloween. The tagline of the campaign is “Happy GEICOween”

There are four adverts in the Halloween campaign:

A Witch for a Third Roommate – Two roommates compromise by choosing a witch named Griswalda to fill their third room. The witch then cooks them both a “meal” which turns one roommate into a cat.
Movie Night with Casper the Friendly Ghost – An unlikely haunting from Casper the Friendly Ghost interrupts this couple’s movie night.
The Gecko Explores an Old Attic – The gecko helps a new homeowner search through the attic of his home and makes some creepy discoveries.
Horror Movie Stereotypes – A group of friends makes a bunch of cliché, horror movie decisions rather than easily escaping in a running car.



I laughed when I saw those ads.

Heart or Humor10.0
Reader Rating: ( 4 votes ) 6.9

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  1. A witch for a third roommate was real!y cool and simple yet very very inventive 10 stars ????????????????????

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