Fiber One: I Just Can’t Wait To Meet You

Saatchi & Saatchi creates a commercial with a funny twist. Featuring ‘I Just Can’t Wait To Meet You’, sung by Michael Bolton the Fiber One commercial is a story about expectation, struggle, and patience.
The potential to become viral is huge but Fiber One should invest more in youtube advertaising for a jump start.

Behind the Scenes with Michael Bolton (a funny video in which Saatchi & Saatchi explain to the singer what the song is actually about)

The story of a man who is “Expecting” reminds me somewhat of the movie “Junior” with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Now this is what I call creativity!


‘Expecting’ is a perfect metaphor. The original song by Michael Bolton is an excellent choice for this funny commercial. How could you not like this ad?

Heart or Humor10.0
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