General Electric: Hammer

“What’s the Matter With Owen?” is the name of the new General Electric campaign aim to strengthen its position as a digital industrial company. The campaign has three hilarious commercials about having a harder time getting that General Electric is a company that creates a new language for the industry.
The advertising agency is BBDO New York.
The “General Electric: Hammer” commercial cast:
Gianmarco Soresi plays Owen
Rick Overton plays Dad
Mari Weiss plays Mom

The second ad is named Zazzies and it is about developers joining GE to work on big, world-changing things versus frivolous app developers.

Last ad, Big News , is about an age group does not know GE as a digital industrial company.

Developers jokes


I like it. All three commercials are funny and the message is clear.

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  1. These three GE commercials are amazing! Well acted, written and directed. Does anyone know who wrote and directed them?

    1. Yup, they sure are amazing, amazingly dumb. Owen has a great new job doing important work, but his friends and even his parents tell him it’s a terrible job. Once again, an ad agency has ridiculed smart people. What a way to make me want to buy GE products. Not. Wow! I’ll be muting all of these ads.

  2. What ‘s the name of the actor who plays the father in the grandpappy’s hammer ad? He steals the show, with that one facial expression near the end.


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