Dissolve: Generic Millennial Ad

This “Is a Generic Millennial Ad” parodies the multinational brands that pay lip service to the youth market with meaningless hashtags, misplaced emojis, slang that’s totes old, and stale pitches to “join the conversation.” Co-opting political protest to sell beverages? Cashing in on pride week? Making token gestures to envi-ronmentalism?

It’s all here, over an irresistible montage of smiling millennial faces taking selfies, wearing VR goggles, and looking bored.This Is a Generic Millennial Ad, created with And/Or studio (and-or.co), is the third in Dissolve’s series of generic ads, after This Is a Generic Brand Video and This Is a Generic Presidential Campaign Ad, based on scripts by And/Or’s Kendra Eash.This Is a Generic Millennial Ad was made entirely with Dissolve stock footage.

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