Dawn Super Bowl 2024 Wash Party Sweepstakes with J.J. Watt

As the confetti settles post-Super Bowl LVIII, the real MVP might be lurking by your kitchen sink. In an eye-catching blend of brawn and bubbles, Dawn,a dish soap brand, teams up with NFL powerhouse J.J. Watt to launch a surprisingly sparkling campaign. Imagine the towering figure of Watt, swapping his helmet for a dishrag, ready to tackle the greasiest of game-day disasters. Dawn’s latest initiative promises to cut through your Super Bowl Sunday mess with the efficiency of a linebacker and offers the chance for one lucky fan to have their dishes done by Watt himself.

Super Bowl watch parties are all about family, friends and food, which means a lot of company, cooking, and messy dishes,” says Watt. “In our house, we count on Dawn and I’m excited to help get America gameday ready with a clean-up game plan.

Dawn - Super Bowl 2024 Wash Party Sweepstakes
Dawn – Super Bowl 2024 Wash Party Sweepstakes – J.J. Watt trading sacks for soap – tackling dishes like a pro!


  1. Celebrity Power: The partnership with J.J. Watt adds a layer of charm and relatability to Dawn’s campaign. Watt’s tough-on-the-field yet gentle-off-the-field persona perfectly embodies Dawn’s brand message: powerfully effective yet gentle enough for the most delicate tasks.
  2. Engagement Strategy: The offer to win a “Wash Party” with Watt is a brilliant move. It leverages the social nature of Super Bowl parties to engage consumers, encouraging participation and interaction with the brand in a fun, memorable way.
  3. Brand Consistency: Dawn’s emphasis on its product being gentle enough for wildlife while tough on grease reinforces its longstanding message. The upgrade to Dawn Platinum EZ-Squeeze for both home and wildlife rescue use cleverly highlights product innovation while staying true to core brand values.


  1. Niche Appeal: The campaign, while engaging, might primarily attract football fans or those familiar with J.J. Watt. Its appeal could be less universal than intended, missing a broader audience that doesn’t follow the NFL or Super Bowl festivities.
  2. Execution Risk: The success of the campaign hinges on execution. The logistics of a celebrity attending a private fan’s party pose challenges, from scheduling to privacy concerns, potentially limiting the campaign’s impact or feasibility.
  3. Sustainability Question: While Dawn’s wildlife rescue efforts are commendable, the campaign could have expanded its message to include sustainability or eco-friendliness, especially considering the environmental impact of large-scale product giveaways.

Starting today, fans can go to JJWashParty.com to claim their bottle of Dawn Platinum EZ-Squeeze and enter for a chance to win a trip to the ultimate watch, er, wash party, where NFL Legend J.J. Watt will handle the dishes. One grand prize winner and up to nine guests will receive an all-expenses paid trip to visit J.J. in Arizona, watch a big game or show, and let one of football’s toughest players tackle the greasiest messes from some great gameday grub. No purchase is necessary. Read the official rules here!

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