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The Diet Coke new campaign, ‘Love What You Love’ celebrates individuals that embrace a positive, unapologetic attitude, by knowing who they are and what they love, staying true to doing things their own way.

The setting looks identical to the movie “Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The ‘Love What You Love’ film shines a light on one woman’s rush hour journey and her conviction to transform her hectic post-work commute with the pure joy of roller skating.

The lead character puts on a pair of roller skates, takes a sip of Diet Coke for a refreshing break moment, and is then transported from a bustling street into a fantasy world. As the cover of the timeless track, “It’s Oh So Quiet” swells in the background, the street empties of the hustle and bustle, and her passion for roller skating takes her to new heights.

From flying into the sky and gliding across pavement edges to spectacular twists and twirls through a deserted cityscape, viewers will relish in her captivating charisma, and the charm of her unapologetic boldness, with a magic that only Diet Coke can bring.

Coca‑Cola - Love What You Love
The ad tells a story of people who clearly, and unapologetically, love what they love

To mark the launch of ‘Love What You Love’ going live, Diet Coke is partnering with London Fashion Week to give fans the chance to reclaim their break. Diet Coke drinkers can be in with the chance to win thousands of prizes curated by the fashion platform, including luxury retail vouchers, weekend stays at a top London destination, and exclusive access to runway shows.

A fantasy world



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