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Heart or Humor

This new awareness ad by Care highlights the harrowing fact that the abuse of prescription drugs by young people is becoming an increasingly dangerous issue in our society. Here we review this advert and give it scores out of 10 for a mix of essential marketing criteria. Take a look at our thoughts and see if you agree.
The commercial was created by the advertising agency McCann Health

Memorability – 9 / 10

The sheer hard-hitting nature of the ad makes it very hard to ignore and forget. If you have never heard of the growing drug problem within modern youth segments, this clip will open your eyes with shocking impact. If you are aware of the problem already, you’re likely to agree that the commercial does a fine job of showing the state of the situation with accuracy and gravity. It will be near impossible for any adult to take in the scenes on the show without feeling at least a strong sense of discomfort. Such graphic content is sure to guarantee the ad stands out against the backdrop of others and will continue to sit in the minds of viewers for days or weeks after the first view.

Effectiveness 8 / 10

The objective here is to shock and awe the audience. Care want people to be gripped by the content of the film, shocked by the scenes and the facts on display and ultimately find out more before taking further action. As a concept that is designed to grab your attention and point you in the direction of learning more, we find the clarity and grit of this clip do more than enough to get its core message across. Does it make us want to take action or at least learn more? It certainly will for those that live with teens or young adults.

Style – 8 / 10

Every effort has been taken to make the ad stand out for its ugliness and sharp drama. The first person shooting gives the concept an edge that makes it particularly easy to relate to. As the main character suffers the circumstances on display, we feel the intensity of the situation that little bit more because we are seeing it from the first person. Graphic action and choreography ensure the clip is gripping from start to finish with a prolonged final struggle to make sure the lethality of the growing craze is easy for viewers to recognize.

Heart or Humor – 8 / 10

The stats have shown towards the end of the clip play a huge role in getting the message across are presented clearly and in a way that makes it easy for people to understand the seriousness of this growth. The sound effects used in the closing scenes are very important for delivering an unquestionable sense of desperation, threat, and fragility.

Execution – 8 / 10

A very effective concept which has been brought to life with exceptional edge, drama, and presence. This is the kind of clip that plays on the limits of what is perceived as acceptable which in turn draws people to question it’s necessity. Such attention can be a blessing for charities and organizations looking for as much exposure as possible whether it’s positive or negative. The most important objective here is to get the word out and this advert certainly looks well designed to that.

A very effective concept


The objective here is to shock and awe the audience.

Heart or Humor8.0
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