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Budget Direct ad 2023 – Blows Away the Competition

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An engaging and entertaining spot

Blows Away the Competition, the new Budget Direct ad 2023, was created by the advertising agency MullenLowe. The 45-sec spot features the Sarge(replacing Captain Risky), Jacs, and Chief characters.

Budget Direct ad 2023

The Budget Direct ad 2023 story:

A quiet Sunday morning is soon interrupted when Terry starts his newly purchased leaf blower. Terry had bragged to his neighbors that it ‘was the most powerful in its class,’ and he couldn’t wait to see how much it blows!

Seconds after he flipped the switch, a man-made twister is created, pulling the contents of the street, including mailboxes, bicycles, fence posts, and even a car up high into its vortex.

Holding onto the front porch railings of the home next door is the homeowner, Sarge, and Jacs, who are all holding on for as long as they can. Suddenly the homeowner is sucked up into the twister! The quick-thinking Chief saves the day by carefully cutting the power to the leaf blower, sending everyone and everything quickly back to earth!

The homeowner safely tumbles into the plush cushions of his outdoor daybed just as Sarge plucks the insurance policy out of the airborne debris. The homeowner’s frazzled look of worry quickly turns to relief as Sarge and Jacs remind him that his home and car (which has just plummeted into the roof of his house!) are insured with Budget Direct – Money Magazine’s and Canstar’s Insurer of the Year.



An engaging and entertaining spot

Heart or Humor9.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 7

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