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Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) unveiled the annual summer campaign for Australian Lamb has launched, urging Aussies to look up from their screens and share the Lamb (the same slogan as in 2018). The advert is not controversial or epic like before, but it is still good and enjoyable to watch.

The integrated campaign utilizes the ‘Share the Lamb’ brand platform and sets out to remind a tech-obsessed nation, distracted by their phones, screens and social media, to seek out real-life connection and unite over delicious Aussie Lamb.

In the satirical ‘Lambalytica’ ad we see an elite team disrupting people’s devices to bring them together face-to-face. From a couple who spend more time looking at their phones than each other, to a teenage gamer glued to the TV, ‘Lambalytica’ taps into the phones of unsuspecting Aussies and unites them over an epic Lamb barbie.

MLA Domestic Market Manager, Graeme Yardy, said this year’s campaign will again build on a topical issue while showcasing our quality Aussie Lamb.

“As a brand, Australian Lamb is famous for unity. In this digital age, we wanted to show how Lamb could disrupt social media, peel people away from their screens and get them together over a tasty meal,” Mr Yardy said.

“Our consumer insights show us Lamb is the meal that Australians love to come together over and share. The campaign is focussed on reminding consumers of the great opportunities to enjoy high quality Lamb with family and friends this summer.

“The integrated campaign has been designed to support continued strong sales for Lamb and ultimately provide strong returns for Australian Lamb producers.”

Share a Lamb


Excellent execution.

Heart or Humor10.0
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