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Two of the most popular figures in the world of entertainment team up in this blockbuster TV commercial – Apple, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Here, we give this commercial a quick fire review and allocate scores out of 10 for core areas advertising criteria. Check out our evaluation and see if you agree.

Memorability – 8 / 10

Few celebrities possess the size of following that most would deem necessary to endorse an Apple product single handed. Dwayne is one of them. This is a very memorable ad because Dwayne himself is so incredibly memorable. A funny script and world class production value combine to deliver an ad that paves the way for others to follow – much like most of Apple’s array of world leading technologies. A relatable scenario and story give the concept a great connectivity with the audience, even though the main character is a world renowned megastar.

Effectiveness 8 / 10

Apple commercials have become well known for their dynamism, gravity, and presentability. This is no different from its predecessors. The message is clear, “get all of the life’s business handled seamlessly, and then some”. The capabilities of the product are shown beautifully throughout and the main character is portrayed in a relatively relatable light. Everyone in modern living is constantly busy all the time and having a trusty virtual assistant in your pocket will be everybody’s idea of the perfect way to live.

Style – 9 / 10

As most would expect, the commercial is stunning. The production quality is flawless and the cast are all perfectly selected for their roles. The scenes and choreography are very impressive and do a lot of good work in ensuring viewers are captivated by the content all the way through. It’s hard to forget the notion of a star of this caliber getting on with everyday aspirations many of us will relate to on a personal level.

Heart or Humor – 8 / 10

The humor is very well placed and feels comparable to the quality of dialogue many would expect from a high budget Hollywood feature. A lot of effort has gone into ensuring none of the lines is cliche, cheesy or cringy. The result is a funny and attractive set of lines that speak directly to a young target market. The casting of The Rock is evidence of this campaign seeking to communicate with millennials, an audience that is likely to respond well to quick, witty, and unobvious humor.

Execution – 9 / 10

Great visuals, a clever script and very attractive presentation of the product. It’s hard to imagine how Apple could have created this commercial to be any more in line with their objectives. A great casting in Dwayne gives the video the gravity it needs to work, and grade-A production value ensures the aesthetics in the clip leave nothing to be desired. Does it make us want the iPhone 7? Yes. Yes it does. There’s no shame in admiring creative art that leads the way for the rest of us to follow. This applies equally to the technology on show, as well as the advertising that has been created to sell it.



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