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IKEA: Lion Man

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The “Wonderful Everyday” campaign from Ikea has been running for years now. The phrase is firmly stuck in the minds of almost all adult Brits. Here, we go over Ikea’s latest addition to this powerful campaign named, “Lion Man”. We’ll break this ad down into crucial advertising criteria and give it scores out of 10 as part of our quick review. Compare your first impressions to ours, and see if you’d give it the same scores.

Memorability – 8 / 10

Most adults that see this ad will have seen almost all the other additions in the “Wonderful Everyday” campaign over the years. The slogan is not the key element in this installment. The idea with this clip is to hit young parents that stay at home. With remote working on the rise, this demographic is expanding and becoming one of the most important segments in the market for Ikea to feast on. The lion character is the most memorable part of the clip. The script describes the concepts relation to the age old expression of a “lioness and her cubs”. This link will hit home with a modern generation of parents currently raising young children.

Effectiveness – 8 / 10

The ad does a fine job of delivering attractive content that is sure to attract the attention of all adult viewers. The scenes are filled with sharp shots of the key character, a Lion which is attractive like a cuddly toy. The aesthetic of the lion is right in line with the objective of connecting with the adults leading young family units.

Style – 8 / 10

The decor of the house has been chosen to show Ikea’s vibrant range of contemporary furnishings. The clip portrays the lead character performing a wealth of relatable activities, which certainly helps with the connection to the target audience. The scenes reinforce the idea that “the better looking your house, the more enjoyable your everyday tasks will be”. This is a powerful notion that is well portrayed with great lighting, attractive close-up shots, a catchy script, and a setting that represents making efficient use of limited space.

Heart or Humor – 8 / 10

The advert is funny at the start and becomes increasingly heartwarming towards the end. Stay at home parents will certainly feel an attachment to the physical pursuits shown by the lead character. The final scenes with the kids rushing into the room help to deliver the final message, “the better looking the home, the happier children are to come back to it”. It’s a prime example of taking the common lioness metaphor and depicting it with live and highly relatable characters.

Execution – 8 / 10

A very unique and highly relatable main character is the key weapon of this concept. The lion looks great, it isn’t too realistic, but then isn’t too cheesy or “gimmicky” looking. The fact that it doesn’t turn into a human at the end of the clip is also an important factor that helps to steer away from being too predictable and “cheap” feeling. The concept is very original, is shot with exceptional production quality and delivers a strong powerful message with distinct clarity.



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