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The new Apple commercial promotes iPhone 7’s new louder stereo speakers and waterproof features. Those two main topics of the advert are exaggerated in the film so in the end, you can read two fine print: “Liquid Damage not covered under warranty” and “Music Dramatized.”

Also, don’t believe that the water puddle moves to the music of iPhone 7… The water ripples around the phone scene are just to emphasize that the speakers are louder.

The Apple music is La Virgen de la Macarena song by Arturo Sandoval (the trumpet is powerful to highlight that the iPhone 7 stereo speakers are much louder compared to the one in the iPhone 6s). He is one of the most dynamic and vivacious live performers of our time and has been seen by millions at the Oscars, at the Grammy Awards, and the Billboard Awards.

The tagline is “Practically Magic.”

Many people ask “Who is the diving gentleman from Apple iPhone 7 commercial?” The diving was Enzo Maiorca, an Italian free diver who held several world records. He was born on 21 June 1931 and die on 13 November 2016. Near the end of his life, Maiorca appeared in this Apple commercial. From 1994 to 1996, Maiorca was elected to the Senate for the Alleanza Nazionale party. Maiorca also appeared on Lineablu, a RAI broadcast news series, from 2000 to 2002. The character Enzo Molinari, portrayed by Jean Reno, in the 1988 Luc Besson film The Big Blue was based on Maiorca. Maiorca learned to swim at age 4 and soon began to dive, although expressing a great fear of the sea. In 1956 a friend showed him an article about a new depth record of 41 meters set by spearfishing champions Ennio Falco and Alberto Novelli. Maiorca was led by the article to begin competing in order to achieve the title of the “man who reaches the deepest.” He achieved this in 1960, when he reached 45 meters to beat Brazilian Americo Santarelli.
On 22 September 1974, in the Bay of Ieranto (or ‘Jeranto’) at the western end of the Gulf of Salerno, Maiorca attempted to establish a new world record for freediving, aiming for 90 meters. In 1988, Maiorca returned to free diving and set his final record of 101 meters.

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I like the final scene when the athletic man seems to do a belly flop, but in the last moments, he saves the dive...

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  1. They mention the name of the musician but not the guy who’s performance was amazing! Was he in the Olympics in the 60’s?

  2. From what I read he is a phenomenal man, Enzo Maiorca. I am surprised Apple does not edify the man. I see a description of a cute little bald old man which is unfitting for such an athlete. IF they are so people related with an iPhone(poor grammar ). The point being- I believe they should promote a human being that was a world-class diver and set so many records as well as their iPhone 7 speakers. Greatness after all becomes greatness!

  3. When was this commercial made ? i wonder why the reason for his death was not mentioned….He looked like he was very healthy ….I was in shock when I heard he died…. Magnificent specimen of an 85 year old man… Rest in peace Enzo…

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