Introducing V.I.Poo. The new pre-poo toilet spray

Air Wick V.I.Poo: Magic Wanda

V.I.Poo is the new product from Air Wick. Air Wick launch a TV campaign to promotes V.I.Poo and some viewers think that this is a joke, not a real advert. V.I.Poo is not the first product of this kind, but the TV campaign was pretty disturbing for some people. A lot of viewers call the Air Wick V.I.Poo commercial “disgusting”.

The tagline is β€œEven a V.I.P. Needs to V.I. Poo”

Trap nasty smells in the bowl


Not easy to forgot... even if you'll want to.

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  1. Where in the world did you get the name. Not Amusing! Air Wick, always great product,, but whoever came up with the name did a really disservice to your company. No more Air Wick for me!

  2. Everybody poos, VI Poo Comercials are hysterical. And except for those fortunate enough to have there poop smell like lilacs, who hasn’t, from time to time, wished for a product like this. Brava Airwick!

  3. I will never not giggle until I cry when I see this commercial. Tasteless, disgusting and absolutely hilarious! May Matt and Trey make an episode out of it!

  4. I’m with those that find this as a poorly conceived commercial in an attempt at humor in hopes of generating a profit. Very low-class

  5. So I guess some of these people don’t have bowel movements, better yes just go over to your friends house and just stink it up….love the commercial!!!

  6. This is the funniest commercial ever!!! I can’t wait till xmas, all my friends an loved ones will be receiving a bottle from me.

  7. Looking forward to buying this ! Because you never no who’s house you will have the devils doughnuts in … first of all the negative comments are ridiculous… Airwick I’m super impressed I buying today… because I would rather not smell anything after I’m done using the bathroom especially at my boyfriends house!! I’m buying all stocking stuffers for my friends and family! 5stars all the way! Kudos to air wick I’m a life time customer!!

  8. I can’t wait to have all my friends over to try “VI-Poo”! I just bought a new energy efficient toilet, it’s a “Turd-Blaster-2017”, with bowel-busting power ass-ist for when some’in must a died inside you!

  9. I find it very disgusting and wouldn’t buy the product. Could have been done more tastefully….sign of our time.

  10. Great Aussie humour, went out and bought it for the family. It’s an easy, catchy name to remember. I personally love the fruity one over the lemon. Smells like fruit mentor’s… My bum has never smelt so good.

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