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Apple Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro

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What is Apple Dynamic Island?

Apple announced iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, featuring Dynamic Island — a new design that introduces an intuitive way to experience iPhone. This Apple commercial explains Dynamic Island and how it can help you.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max introduce Dynamic Island, a rich and delightful new way to interact with activities, alerts, and notifications.

What is Apple Dynamic Island?
Dynamic Island blends fun and function like never before, consolidating your notifications, alerts, and activities into one interactive place. It’s integrated throughout iOS 16 — and can work with all kinds of apps — to seamlessly surface what you need, right when you need it.
Dynamic Island enables new ways to interact with iPhone, featuring a design that blends the line between hardware and software, adapting in real-time to show important alerts, notifications, and activities. With the introduction of Dynamic Island, the TrueDepth camera has been redesigned to take up less of the display area. Without impeding content on the screen, Dynamic Island maintains an active state to allow users easier access to controls with a simple tap-and-hold. Ongoing background activities like Maps, Music, or a timer remain visible and interactive, and third-party apps in iOS 16 that provide information like sports scores and ride-sharing with Live Activities can take advantage of Dynamic Island.

The Dynamic Island blurs the line between hardware and software, fluidly expanding into different shapes to convey important activities like Face ID authentication.

Dynamic Island on Apple iPhone 14 Pro
Dynamic Island on Apple iPhone 14 Pro

Apple Dynamic Island is cool


This Apple commercial could have much better execution.

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