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Amazon unveiled a funny commercial to promotes the rewind movie features of Alexa. The message is “Rewind a film without lifting a finger. ” and the tagline is “With Alexa, a voice is all you need.”

The commercial features a medieval battle scene in a fantastic setting with elves (some clear references to The Lord of the Rings series). The final is hilarious.



I like it.

Heart or Humor10.0
Reader Rating: ( 9 votes ) 6.7

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  1. I am mad you advertising the simallrion like this. But like a good mad.
    Also, I thought Finrod died when he and Beren were captured and thrown into a pit with their company and were picked off one by one every night. Until Finrod put him in between the werewolf and Beren. And like, in that same day Lúthen came with that hound to save them and help them gather the simarills from Morgoth.
    It definitely wasn’t in war.
    Still upset that no one is going to cover the 1st Era. I mean you don’t have to start from the beginning but it just seems like such a HUGE waist to leave of Feanor and his kids and Fingolfin. Fingol was just sooooo badass.

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